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The following third-party applications are available for use with the Enspire Distribution Management solution to extend overall functionality for specific business requirements. 

StarShip® for Enspire is an integrated shipping system that automates the process of shipping inventory through various carriers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne and others. StarShip features a plug-and-play interface to the Enspire Distribution Management Solution and provides several reports including Insurance, Daily Shipments by Customer, and Shipment History. 

PCCharge Payment Server™ (formerly active-Charge™) is a credit card payment processing engine that works in conjunction with the Enspire Credit Card Integration SnapOn to give distributors an economical solution for safely processing order payments through major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and others. 

 icverifylogo.jpgICVERIFY® For Windows® software is a comprehensive payment processing solution that works in conjunction with the Enspire Credit Card Integration SnapOn . It processes all major credit cards, as well as private label cards, and is capable of handling Level II data for corporate cards. It also supports debit/ATM card processing and check transactions. Some strengths of the ICVERIFY product include its customer database for mail/telephone order merchants, its installment billing function, the ability to process Internet and E-mail transactions, and its ability to support advanced configuration options.

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