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rofessional Services is committed to ensuring the success of your enterprise IT investment. To help you gain expertise and self-sufficiency on Dimasys software, we offer a broad array of training programs and certification programs, which ensure that your staff stays current with constantly evolving information technologies.

imasys currently offers 12 distinctive classes, 11 that are designed for our Dimasys customers, and one specifically designed for our dealers. This course offering covers a broad range of learning opportunities for your entire company. Due to the wide range of functionality offered in Dimasys enterprise software solutions and the complex nature of your business, Dimasys has designed training classes by area of responsibility, specific business knowledge and specialized skills.

ach class is taught by a Certified Dimasys Professional (CDP) to ensure you and your staff receive the best educational experience possible. Most classes are taught with each student having their own computer workstation to provide hands-on training. Each class comes with a course workbook and mastery of material examination. In order to provide the best learning atmosphere, the number of students in any given class is limited to the first 12 registered and pre-paid attendees. Class dates have been planned a year in advance to provide your company with maximum flexibility for scheduling. However, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT CLASS SPACE IS LIMITED, SO TRY TO REGISTER EARLY.

lasses offering complimentary course material are offered back to back to maximize your company's ability to obtain the best possible training value, considering travel expenses and time spent out of the office. Classes are designed to last either 2 or 3 full (8:30 am - 5:00p.m.) business days. Tuition for 2-day classes is $795.00, per attendee. Tuition for 3-days classes is $995.00, per attendee. Companies sending more than one attendee, per class, will receive $100.00 off the tuition for each additional attendee sent.

NxTrend invests in your company's future by investing in new technology for distributors and dealers.
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