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The following optional Enspire SnapOn Modules are available for use with the core Enspire application to provide function-specific transaction processing and system integration requirements not addressed within the main application suite.


This distribution-specific credit and collections module is designed to turn a distributor's credit collections into a profit center operation. As a complement to the Enspire Distribution Management system, this powerful application helps distributors maximize sales while minimizing risks of extending credit.

eShop is fully integrated into the Enspire Distribution Management Solution and enables distributors to build, deploy, and manage a great e-commerce Web site easily and quickly. 

 eClient provides invaluable communication and sales resource services through an Internet connection, allowing companies to offer information and remote order entry capabilities to their customers and remote salesmen.

 This productivity enhancement module gives a distributor the ability to deliver invoices, purchase orders and a variety of other documents via fax or e-mail directly from the print utility within Enspire. The APS module automatically generates the requested document type (fax, print, e-mail PDF) based on customer document control parameters, and up to eight modems can be configured to transmit spooled fax documents printed in batch mode.

 Credit Card Integration is a credit verification module that works in conjunction with PCCharge Payment Server™ or ICVERIFY® to reduce fraud losses and provide powerful features at the Enspire order entry screen. This application gives the distributor an economical solution for safely processing order payments through major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and others. 

 The Enspire EDI SnapOn enables the computer-to-computer exchange of business data between a distributor and its customers. This application provides a fast and efficient way to receive purchase orders from customers and to send invoices, shipping acknowledgements, warehouse acknowledgements and other documents to customers in an electronic format.

 Designed for electrical and plumbing distributors, the Trade Services PFMS module automatically imports accurate catalog content and pricing information from the i2 Trade Service subscription database for electrical and plumbing/PVF/HVACR vertical markets. This SnapOn helps a distributor reduce costs and eliminate pricing errors for ongoing inventory item maintenance operations.

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