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The Enspire™ Distribution Management Solution is an advanced, Windows®-based asset management system designed for small and mid-sized distribution companies that operate in a wide variety of supply chain industries.  Built on a powerful architecture that utilizes SQL database technology to gather and analyze information, Enspire delivers on the promise of increased distributor productivity and operational efficiency to enhance bottom line results.   

Effective Inventory Management


Inventory Control
Enspire offers a sophisticated suite of inventory management controls that help a distributor track inventory assets and cost transactions.  Unique features such as StockAid™ can be utilized to manage special categories of items that do not fit the typical sales, purchasing, and inventory management processes. (Read more)


Comprehensive inventory management philosophies from industry experts like Gordon Graham and Jon Schreibfeder are integrated into the replenishment logic provided by Enspire.  Powerful, flexible functionality helps the distributor develop an accurate prediction of future product usage to achieve customer service goals with the least amount of stocked inventory. (Read more)

 e_icon_purchasing.gifPurchasing Management
Purchase order management in any distribution environment includes order placement and order review.  Enspire provides a number of features that automate the order placement process as well as comprehensive controls to insure the organization is acquiring inventory in the most efficient manner.  Powerful features such as Costulator™ help the distributor source inventory at the lowest overall cost. 

Comprehensive Business Administration

e_icon_OrderEntry.gifOrder Processing
Comprehensive order entry controls are built into Enspire including multiple pricing methodologies, rebates and promotion management, associated item flags and rapid access to information that sales people can use to add value to the sales process.   Bids and customer quotations are virtually effortless and Enspire also facilitates remote order entry through a variety of methods.
 enspire_icon_FinMgmt.gifFinancial Management
Enspire provides a fully integrated suite of applications that provide detailed real-time fiscal information.  In addition to robust General Ledger functionality and feature-rich payables and receivables applications, other options such as Enspire's cash flow management capabilities allow "what if" scenario logic for optimal financial management. 
 e_icon_sales.gifSales Management
In Enspire, a distributor can set up both inside and outside sales people and track a variety of information for their sales force including commissions, spiffs, and quotas. Management also receives key sales information broken down into any of a variety of flexible parameters such as item, customer, territory, product group, etc. (Read more)

Optimized User Experience

 e_icon_InfoMgmt.gifInformation Management
From the company level down to the individual customer, Enspire provides a powerful system to monitor operational and financial metrics that convey a distributor's overall effectiveness and efficiency as a business operation.  The extensive use of highly customizable grids allows information to be presented in the most practical format for each individual user. (Read more)
 e_icon_ReptEx.gifIn-depth Reporting
With hundreds of standard charts and reports, Enspire is unmatched in the industry for its ability to provide valuable business intelligence and professionally designed forms without custom development.   However, Enspire's powerful Report Explorer utility also gives any distributor the capability to customize existing reports, design new reports and build graphical inquiries for customized data mining projects.  (Read more)
 e_icon_SFST.gifUser-selectable Feature Sets
Enspire features user-selectable options that allow a distributor to optimize the system for their unique business needs.  "Scaleable Feature Set Technology" (SFST)™ provides a diverse and powerful range of feature sets and transaction-processing rules to fine-tune Enspire without the need for customized software development. (Read more)

Powerful Automation Platform

 e_icon_Technology.gifTechnology and Product Architecture
Enspire is built on a 3-tier architecture that provides cost-effective scalability and superior performance. Implemented through an advanced object-oriented methodology, Enspire utilizes Microsoft Windows, Com+ Middleware, and SQL Server Database platforms to provide a flexible, state-of-the-art distribution management system. (Read more)

SnapOn and Third-party Applications
Enspire is a major enterprise productivity tool for wholesale distribution operations.  SnapOn applications extend this productivity by expanding system capabilities to address specific automation tasks.  Select third-party applications have also been fully integrated with Enspire to further extend the productivity enhancement tools available to distributors. 

 e_icon_Maint.gif System Maintenance
Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important consideration for any IT investment.  With the unique Enspire Enterprise Installation Console (EEIC), Enspire drives down the cost of ownership through painless maintainability.  System upgrades and updates are accomplished with just a couple mouse clicks by virtually anyone within the organization, and without the need to interrupt normal business operations. 




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